teracopy pro download for windows
TeraCopy Pro download for windows
TeraCopy Pro

TeraCopy Pro Download For Windows Full For Free

Dealing with large amounts of data, files, folders, or setup packages, copying and moving them could be a time-consuming process.

Now, it’s a piece of cake with TeraCopy 3.26 the file copying app that is being used by millions of users all over the world.

The reason that you will need it is that the Windows copying system doesn’t benefit from the multi-threaded CPUs which are almost every CPU type nowadays.

TeraCopy 3.26 makes file copying a lot more reliable, with fewer errors and crashes and way quicker, unlike the native Windows Explorer copying system which is unreliable, and gets a lot of crashes, freezes during copying big files and many other errors.

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TeraCopy pro  3.26 is one of Code Sector company products which was founded in 1999 with the goal of developing personal and small Windows applications.

TeraCopy 3.26 also was the winner of LifeHacker’s Hive five for best alternatives to Windows default copy system.

TeraCopy Download For Windows

teracopy pro download for windows

Advantages of TeraCopy 3.26:

  • Quick File Copy:
    And that is the main goal of the application, TeraCopy 3.26 uses a perfectly adjusted buffering system to reduce the time consumed in seeking files.
    As one of the most annoying problems in the newer versions of Windows is the slow copying/moving processes, and TeraCopy 3.26 can phenomenally enhance the speed of these processes.
  • Control the Process:
    The application gives you what you miss in Windows, as it offers you the ability to pause and resume the copy process, or even leave them unattended.
  • Smart and neat:
    It happens when you start a copy process for big files with the default Windows handler and leave your PC to take a nap, then you wake up to an error at 30% progress due to a bad file.
    Well, TeraCopy 3.26 ignores bad files and displays them at the end of the process.
teracopy pro download for windows
TeraCopy pro download for windows
  • Perfectionist:
    TeraCopy 3.26 doesn’t only copy/move files, it also automatically check them for errors by comparing their CRC checksum values, and at the end, TeraCopy 3.26 will show a log including errors and bad files.
  • Fix Problems:
    Unlike the default Windows handler, TeraCopy 3.26 will try to resolve any problem happens during the process, and in the worst cases, it will ignore the bad file not canceling the whole process.
    And if the destination or source device disconnected, TeraCopy 3.26 will wait to reconnect the device.
  • Full System Integration:
    TeraCopy 3.26 can totally replace the default windows handler in copy/ move processes as the default handler.
teracopy pro download for windows
TeraCopy pro download for windows
  • Preserve File Properties:
    TeraCopy 3.26 keeps the original creation date of files during the copy.
  • Drag and drop:
    With TeraCopy 3.26 you can use the drag and drop function by dragging your files into the application then choose the intended destination folder where the app will paste them.

TeraCopy Pro


What’s new in TeraCopy 3.26?

  • New option to execute certain scripts after a job is done.
  • Resolved scrolling issues in the file list.
  • Show filename and properties in the file list.
  • Amazing speed when dealing with a huge number of small files, in the past that could take a very long time, with a maximum speed that may reach 100 megabytes per second.
teracopy pro download for windows
TeraCopy pro download for windows

System Requirements:

Actually, TeraCopy 3.26 doesn’t need any specific hardware requirements, but it is specially designed for Windows, so it is compatible with:
Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 10.

TeraCopy 3.26 has approved that it is a leading lightweight freeware copy/ move handler which is the best solution to get the maximum possible copy/ move speed and get rid of the usual crashes and freezes of the built-in handler.
Download TeraCopy 3.26 for free and see the difference by yourself.

Download From: Here

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  1. G S RICH COPY 360 boasts several impressive features, most notably a smart drive letter detection that recognizes your thumb drive even if it’s assigned a different letter each time

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