Mozilla Firefox Free Download

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Mozilla Firefox Free Download
firefox mozilla free download

Mozilla Firefox Free Download for Windows Latest Version Free 2018

Mozilla Firefox, or famous under the name Firefox, is an open source web browser which is free and easy to download. It is owned by the Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation. Operating systems that can install Firefox are Windows, OS X, and Linux. To make the matter better, the company provides a Firefox free download which make Mozilla Firefox a preferable web browser option.

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Mozilla Firefox Download

Mozilla Firefox Free Download
firefox Mozilla free download

As we know, Firefox is a free web browser that everyone can download and use it for free. Other than that, it is actually a not-for-profit company. That is why the web browser is available to download without charge. It turns out that the developers believe they can do better than other free and open source web browsers, so they actively contribute their ideas for this web browser’s improvement, the improvement include extensions and user experience, whether user has experienced good times or bad times, user experience is used to enhance the performance and features of the web browser. Thusly, making Firefox free download available for anyone is an amazing option, because this web browser has a huge potential, always checking for updates and exist in an open platform.

Firefox’s Special Features

Firefox free download was born with many features. Every version update brings new great features. For example, for version 3.0, new features came up such as smart location bar, library, smart bookmark folders, web-based protocol handlers and text selection improvements. For the latest update in 2015, version 42.0 which was released last month on Third of November, precisely, brings to you new features update such as tracking protection to protect your web activities from a vice tracker, it has an improvement in login management, implementing ES6 reflect, Image Bitmap and create Image Bitmap are supported and many other fixed problem from the previous version.

Firefox free download

Firefox Free Download Latest Version 42.0

With many new features in the latest version, which is version 42.0, users are spoiled with easiness and great access to the internet. There are many sites providing a ton of links to Firefox free download option. One of the so many links can be found on Mozilla Firefox’s official page here:  If the link from the official page does not work, there are still a lot of other web pages who provide alternative links such as


. This latest version of Firefox is not only available for PC or laptop, but this is also available for Android user. Android is a smart engine on the phone which allows you to browse the internet faster like in PC which you can download it from Play Store or another unofficial webpage like and All the links provided in this article are working and providing a free download. However, apart from that availability, Firefox web browser has been reviewed amazingly by many users who experienced easiness and compatibility from the web. Many mentioned the benefit of the protection features has caused them to stay safe from hackers because Firefox protects personal information from spyware, malware, and hacking. Thus, a Firefox free download is a very beneficial, excellent free and open source web browser to have.

Firefox Free Download For PC

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Firefox Free Download For Android

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