ChatGPT for Android and PC Download  

GPT AI Chat -Chatbot assistant

GPT Chat for Android and PC Download   GPT Chat is a modern application for conversation with artificial intelligence, and the makers of the application seek to replace the Google search engine, because they seek to reach the highest level of intelligence and ability to answer questions and the multiplicity of sources of answers as well, so that after the application was …

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VMware Workstation Player 14 Download Full & Free

VMware Workstation Player 14 Download

VMware Workstation Player 14 Download Full & Free VMware Workstation Player : Developers and programmers usually develop apps on multiple systems, these apps need to be tested on their intended platforms. So the developers do their work on one operating system and use a virtual platform to test their apps, you can use those virtual platforms by using programs called …

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MoboPlay Download For Android and PC App Store & File Transfer

moboplay download

MoboPlay Download For Android and PC App  Store & File Transfer Dealing with a smartphone is like dealing with computers, after a period of time they get laggy or get infected with a malware, and maybe the only solution is to format your phone and that includes deleting all your data permanently. So you need to backup your phone’s data …

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Google Earth View Directly Without The Map Software

Google Earth View

Google Earth View directly without the map Software Watch your home now Google Earth View you can watch the world map tosee your home in any spot in the world, without downloading a Sofand installing it, then finding a way to use it and maybe you see that it is not the best program or what you are looking for… …

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Recover My Files Download

data recover my files download

Recover My Files Download By downloading Recover My Files or Recover Deleted Files software , you can regain all types of you deleted files through scanning your hard disk and restoring all that has been deleted, or you can specify a certain date and certain files after the full survey, which makes it the perfect and the best software in recovering the …

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Apple Devices Driving More Search Than Android In US — [comScore]

Mobile is the new search battleground. Article source: from here     This week at SMX East I moderated a session called The New Search Landscape, which asked what the near term future of search will look like. It was a very lively and interesting discussion. For a full overview of the session read Casie Gillette’s recap. At the outset, …

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Gmail finally lets you block annoying senders


Gmail finally lets you block annoying senders Article source: Click here Google launched a new version of Gmail for Android Tuesday, bringing two simple but pretty important features: the “block sender” and “unsubscribe” buttons. The unsubscribe option was previously available on the desktop version of Gmail, but now you can get off that annoying mailing list from your Android device …

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The Air Force will have combat lasers on its war planes by 2020


Article source : The Army has its HEL-MD (not to mention is working on GI Joe-style rifles and minesweepers); the Navy put a battleship-mounted railgun aboard the USS Ponce; and within the next five years, the Air Force expects to have laser weapons of its very own. These armaments, dubbed directed-energy weapons pods, will be mounted on American warplanes and serve …

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Charles 2015 program download Direct link


Charles 2015 program download Direct link : Charles proxy Charles program 2015 is one of the important proxy   programs , which some used it in some of the games on Facebook, And some developers and telecom engineers is using Charles program Charles is very important program for developers and programmers, as it reveals what is going to send and …

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