VMware Workstation Player 14 Download Full & Free

VMware Workstation Player 14 Download
vmware workstation player download
VMware Workstation Player Download

VMware Workstation Player 14 Download Full & Free

VMware Workstation Player : Developers and programmers usually develop apps on multiple systems, these apps need to be tested on their intended platforms.
So the developers do their work on one operating system and use a virtual platform to test their apps, you can use those virtual platforms by using programs called virtual machines.

The virtual machine is just like a computer inside another computer, which enables you to run an isolated operating system on your PC, as the host machine shares its resources with the guest machine.

One of the best virtual machines is VMware Player, produced by VMware company which is a part of Dell Technologies Inc. that needs no introduction.

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Advantages and Pros of VMware workstation Player 

  • Freeware:
    VMware Workstation  Player is a freeware that enables you to use most of its amazing abilities without spending a cent, there is also a pro version which has more advanced features that would only be needed by the highly advanced users.
  • Support virtual machines created by other products:
    VMware Player can easily run other virtual machines files which were created by other 3rd party products such as a Virtual box.
  • Preconfigured virtual machine:
    With VMware Player, you can run pre-configured VMs that are customized for several operating systems and applications, and run them easily and directly on VMware Player without any issues or limitations.
vmware workstation player download
VMware Workstation Player Download
  • Supports a wide collection of operating systems:
    VMware Player can run Windows, Unix, Linux, Netware and other 200 more system, with the ability to run 64-bit OS but only if the host machine was 64-bit.
  • Full access to the host’s device:
    The operating system on VMware workstation Player has full access to the host’s devices as USB, DVD and CD drivers, and the network adaptors.
  • Full Customization of the Virtual Machine:
    You can set your desired RAM capacity, HDD capacity and many other options in the VM.
  • Copy and paste files and texts freely between host and guest machines.
  • Run multiple VMs using VMware Player with a sufficient RAM in the host PC.
  • Deals with physical CD/ DVD or images.
VMware Workstation Player 14 Download
VMware Workstation Player 14 Download

VMware Player Download

Cons and Disadvantages:

  • Sadly, if you’re running Windows 7 on the virtual machine you will face some performance delay and lags that can experience your patience.
  • VMware Player requires high system specifications, but that’s normal in all virtual machine software as you share the RAM and CPU between the host and guest machines
  • There are some annoying errors happen during installing Ubuntu 16.04 through the Easy-install option, but you can solve this by using other methods of installing.
vmware workstation player download
VMware Workstation Player 14 Download

VMware Player V 14.0.0 comes with new updates and new operating systems support as Ubuntu 17.04/ Debian 9.1/ Oracle linux 7.4/ OpenSUSE 42.3/ Fedora 26.

Also, it supports Intel Skylake and AMD Ryzen CPU.

Solved graphic software issues, as in the previous versions when you try to run a graphic game VMware Player crashes.

Differences between the paid and the free versions of VMware Player.

VMware Player is free to download but purchasing the paid version and confirming the license key enables the user to benefit from many more features of the program.

VMware Workstation Player Download

  • Sensors’ Support:
    If you’re running the paid version of the program on MS Surface Pro tablet for example then the input from the gyroscope, compass, accelerometer, and ambient light sensor can be passed to the guest OS as well.
  • The paid version VMware Pro can run encrypted VM.
  • Run multiple VMs at once.
  • Clone any virtual machine, and other more limitation that can be accessed by the pro version.


Change Log:

  • Fixed Multiple bugs and issues.



VMware Player is compatible with Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 10

So, If you need to test your apps or need a virtual machine for educational purposes, VMware Player is here for you, Download it now for free.





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