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Download Hotspot Shield  3.32 program to open the blocked sites

There are many websites which are blocked in certain countries such as China and other and such countries that are signing international sanctions which are blocking many sites such as Facebook, Google, YouTube and other sites, so Hotspot Shield program can open these sites in countries that are blocked for these sites.


Only all you need is download Hotspot Shield program and then enjoy all the advantages of the program, Hotspot Shield program open sites through the addition of a new tongue in your browser, it is a program that works without much action.

Hotspot Shield program also features that it gives you a secure connection, through which you can browse blocked sites without having to accept a malicious user who object on your way to your personal information, so through Hotspot Shield program you can browse safely


Through Hotspot Shield program You can browse the blocked sites
Also through Hotspot Shield program download – that is called Crescent program to open the blocked sites by some Egyptians – also gives you many advantages, gives you slow browser, and users do not care about this, because they can choose between browsing slow and becoming blocked for browsing, so they do not care about slow browsing.

Also through Hotspot Shield program download you can transfer unlimited data through the browser,as it does not close the browser after time of use

Hotspot Shield Program makes you like you are browsing from America,so no one can discover your country.

Hotspot Shield Program contains security protection tools, which makes it more safe.

Hotspot Shield program Features that it supports more than one language, so through Hotspot Shield program download ,you can enjoy the program in Arabic or Farsi or English or Chinese … to another languages ​​supported by the program

It is worth mentioning that Hotspot Shield program will tell you that it will install bar selections, and you can choose not to install the bar
It also displays some advertisements that may anger some users .

Information about Hotspot Shield program to open blocked sites, particularly American:

Program Name: Hotspot Shield


Program license: Free

Program size: 8.5 MB

The programming company: Anchor free, Inc

Software Compatibility: The program works with all Windows systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

  There is also a copy of Hotspot Shield program for Android phones, which are available on the Google Play Apps

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And now with the link to download Hotspot Shield program

Click here to download

And now with the link to the application of Hotspot Shield for Android

Click on the link below to download Hotspot Shield program for Android

Click here to download

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Ended topic: Hotspot Shield program download to open blocked sites

( Hotspot Shield 3.32 free download )

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