LINE software download for pc and Android

LINE software download for pc android

LINE software download for computer and android

It is a program that specializes in audio, visual and written conversations works on Windows, Android and iPhone systems, it is a new program, but it spreads widely prevalent,

It is the first in many Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and others, but it is the first in more than fifty-two state around the world,

And in another calculation you can prove that it is the most prevalent which is the number of users, the number of software users around the world has increased from 450 million user! , It is a very giant figure.

The prevalence of LINE program for computer and android demonstrated the high prevalence and diverse features, as LINE program meets the needs of users of different cultures and their use, and features:

You may through LINE program make free voice calls, and this feature is superior in many competition programs such as Skype program for Android and Watts August too,

But they are available in Viber program but not in quality and purity of voice calls in the Line program.

But you can do Video Calls which is a wonderful feature is not available in most competition programs.

You may through LINE program for the computer and android send text messages, but you can make it Messenger for chatting , it is fantastic in this use .

You can also through LINE program send and share photos in a wonderful and easy way for users.

The best thing features LINE program from other social networking softwares that lets you create a chatting with a group up to 100 people, and this is very cool.

Also available in LINE program for computer and android a wide range of                     symbols, we recommend you not to use the offending symbols of law.

And the most wonderful in LINE program that runs on Android devices and also working on the computer PC so it is a very wonderful program,

But it is working on Windows Phone systems and the iPhone and MAC systems .
For that we recommend you to download LINE program for computer and android in Direct Links.

Here are a moving picture shows explaining the inauguration of LINE program on your computer.

     The installation program on the computer where the way

Now, with the program information:

Program Name: LINE

Program size: 22 MB

Software License: Free

OS Compatibility: Works on Windows, Android and iPhone and Windows Phone systems.

Now, with a link to download a program for computer , android and iPhone …

Click here to download LINE program for PC

Click here to download LINE program for android

Click here to download LINE program for iPhone


Ended topic: LINE software download for the computer and android for free with direct link

LINE software download for PC , LINE software download for android , LINE program download , LINE application download.


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