Charles 2015 program download Direct link


Charles 2015 program download Direct link : Charles proxy

Charles program 2015 is one of the important proxy   programs , which some used it in some of the games on Facebook,

And some developers and telecom engineers is using Charles program


Charles is very important program for developers and programmers, as it reveals what is going to send and receive between the server and the computer

Charles 2015 program download Direct link


Charles 2015 software helps you to save the information on the desktop and restore it if lost.

     Download 2015 Charles program

Charles proxy program (HTTP Proxy or HTTP Monitor) is running on your own computer and then working on a web browser installed on the computer, or any application or program dealing with the Internet directly as it works as a mediator between your computer, including the programs and applications , and the Internet,

Which make it and easily able to record what is going on between the computer and the Internet so it records all data sent and received during the call,

Before using Charles  program , you was not able to see what is happening to the data, whether sent or received between your web browser or client and server.

Withoutthis vision,it is difficult todetermine exactlywhere theerrorissotime-consumingto fix itbutwithCharlesprogram,itbecomes easyasyou can easily seewhat is happening, so you can diagnose and repair the problems.



Now, with an explanation of how to inaugurate Charles program 2015 on the computer:

     The first step in the installation of Charles program after pressing the inauguration icon

     Press the OK button and then click on the word next to continue

     Click on the word next to complete the Charles program 2015 inauguration

     And now you’re using the program .. Congratulations for Charles 2015 inauguration.


  Program information:


 name :  charles proxy

The official website of the program:

Program License: Free

Software version: Version 3.9

The program is compatible with operating systems: Compatible with all Microsoft Windows operating   systems


   And now it was time to load Charles program 2015,

Charles software download link for Windows XP and operating systems pome 32 (Windows 32 bit)

Click here to download Charles program 2015 for operating systems kernel 32

Charles proxy software download link for operating systems pome 64  Windows 64 bit

Click here to download Charles program 2015 for operating systems kernel 64


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