PES 2016 Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

download PES 2016 download Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

PES 2016 Download  Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

download PES 2016 download Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
PES 2016 Download

 the best game in the Pro Evolution Soccer series is the PES 2016 ever since the PlayStation 2 era which was a disaster in terms of graphics.

The genius of PES 2016

The genius of PES 2016 Download  is hard to identify but this seems to be an insignificant detail. Its brilliance is not bad thing.

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Konami has made major improvement in the two undisputed stars which are the physics and AI area to get the total control feeling more unpredictable and organic. PES 2016 is now a top rival to FIFA in pace and fluency. PES is a franchise that is strategic, now it looks like their improvement is paying off.

The improvements in AI is very vital, because it removes the fear of passing the ball to your teammates, confident that they will have your back.

It is amazing to see how the 22 player AI’s overlap, combine, conflict, contradict, and each other. Rather than treating your teammates as a pack of lone wolves, you can work as a single unit. Seeing this in action brings you and your team as one.

PES 2016 Download

However small the victory in the software, feels deserved. focus on all parts of the game and not only the scoring because an oversight in one element can result in disaster. The key to winning requires the combination of a cool head, accuracy and reflexes.

Every micro-battle can lead to glory or defeat and regardless of what happens it is completely fun because you can never guess the next move, which is the beauty of the PES 2016’s. In every minute, a challenge is occurring.

download PES 2016 download Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

A PS3 ™  port ?

The disadvantage is that the PC version of PES 2016 Download is a port of the PS3 version. The PS4 and Xbox One versions has not yet been developed by Konami and we honestly have no idea why. older engine results to less dynamic animation and poorer graphics.

However, PES 2016 is rich with content, we have the Master League, Legend mode, Master League MyClub. PES has a football manager style mode that performs similar actions as the main one and it is no longer just about the on the pitch game. Although, it is still behind the EA game even in terms of licenses, the PES 2016 is gaining in on FIFA.

download PES 2016 download Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

Best on console

PES 2016 is unpredictable, strategic, organic, superb, and amazing but if you have the option, we recommend the PS4 and Xbox One versions. I give the game the 9/10 rating that it deserves because the current graphics on PC are unforgivable.


By clicking download, you will be directed to the Steam Store where you can purchase and install the game.

PES 2016 Download

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PES 2016 Download
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