Winamp program 2015 download


 Winamp program 2015 download : needs no introduction, it is the most famous in the world of audio players, can hardly see  a computer does not contain the famous program Winamp, which is a specialized program in playing music, especially acoustics of mp3 which is the most famous formula and the most widely used in the world



Winamp program appeared at the outset the possibility of modifying the program interface, and this was the objective only, customizing the interface for the user so that he can run the audio format as he wants, but soon this feature turned from this use to another use and other result is the presence of specialized sites in the Winamp Themes.

The new version which is the fifth version of Winamp program is the best ever as it is the fastest and most complete in terms of supporting more number of formats and files, which is the most prevalent also by virtue of which it is the latest available on the official website of the famous Winamp company.

     Download  Winamp  Program 2015

It is worth mentioning that the famous Winamp company recently launched version of the mobile iPhone and devices the iPad, it is available and download link of Winamp program for the iPhone and iPad will be put with the download links on this subject, as there are the launch of Winamp program version for Android and you will find a Winamp program download link for Android in the subject also.

Here’s program features in brief

     Download Winamp  Program 2015

  1.   Is the fastest program specialized in playing music at all
  2.   Is the best and purest in terms of sound and quality in the operation of Mp3 files
  3. Winamp program radio awaits: allows you to run a lot of radio stations – Radio – through the Internet
  4. Winamp program of making your hands: You amendment to the program interface so you make it as you like, through the allocation of program property
  5.   The new version features a feature to import files from the iTunes library import
  6. Create a new services exhibition on the Internet for service Winamp users
  7.   Has added many languages in which it operates Winamp program such as Turkish, Romanian and Portuguese Languages
  8. You can edit the data info for audio files, which you can edit the audio file data with a single click, then you can add a speaker name in the audio file, and also the name of the file, and sponsor location of the audio file, so the push of a button, and then run the file on any other program , and you’ll see the data appears on the program screen during playback, the data also appears on raise acoustics sites like box and sound cloud and others

  Winamp program of the fastest computer programs, particularly specialized in the operation of multimedia in terms of installation and installation on Windows and work quickly, within a few seconds after loading the Winamp program you can enjoy it.


Now, with the program information:


Software name: Winamp

Program size: 14 MB almost – Multilingual –

The latest version of the computer: Winamp 5.666

OS Compatibility: Works on all Microsoft Windows systems, as his versions of the iPhone, iPad and Android

Software License: Free


Now, with links to download Winamp software 2015 for PC and iPhone and Android

Download Winamp program for the computer in English

Download Winamp program for PC Multilingual

Download Winamp program for iPhone and iPad


Ended topic: Winamp program 2015download for PC and Android with direct link
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