Truecaller App Download ID Truecaller See Who Is Calling

Truecaller App download

Truecaller App Download

Truecaller See Who Is Calling

 Truecaller See Who Is Calling - Truecaller App download
Truecaller App download

Truecaller See Who Is Calling Truecaller is the only way to see the name of the number calling you, and which is not registered in your list of names, it is a very wonderful program, and it became necessary for Android Mobile programs.

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In these times, the need is intensified for such a wonderful program Truecaller, with the increasing of the daily hazing from unwanted people, only through this program, you can know whether this number is desirable for you to have or not. 

Truecaller App Download

Truecaller See Who Is Calling  And block anyone : With Truecaller , you can also block unwanted and unlisted numbers by adding this number in the blacklist, so that when you try to call back, you are not available or busy to relieve yourself of frequent calls that cause you frequent annoyance They are unwanted calls and are easy and straightforward in a program or through their official True Caller site.

And what is considered as one of the features of  Truecaller App and also one of its largest disadvantages, it gets the name of the owner of the number through the first one who connected this number after the installation of the app, an example for that:

Truecaller See Who Is Calling

Truecaller App download
Truecaller App download

A person installed Truecaller program on his mobile phone, and this person has logged many of his friends numbers on his phone, so if this person contacted one of his friends who have not been registered on the servers of the Truecaller app before, the program database registers his name automatically, For example: This man contacted a friend of his, named Mohammed Ahmed, but this person has registered the phone number of “Mohamed Ahmed” as “my friend at work”,so if his friend “Mohamed Ahmed” contacted you after that, and you did not register his name on your phone, so the name of “my friend at work” will show in front of you on the phone.

Truecaller ID APP

This is one of the disadvantages of the program, as it does not get its database from the approved telecommunications companies, but it gets its database through the phone memory.

This thing can be a feature at the same time because the caller cannot change his name in the program databases, and this is helpful in reducing the parasitic disturbing process.

One of the disadvantages of the program also that it asks you to authorize while installing it on the phone to get information of your list of names, and it also requires you to get permission to write in your account on Facebook and Twitter!! And this is very strange, it is true that it does not use this stuff, but a petty matter may happen one day to the program database and then all of that will be in great danger.

Truecaller App download
Truecaller App download

Truecaller App Download is also characterized by other advantages, namely:

1- It is a globally accredited program, and is not managed by unidentified people as the case in many of the programs!

2- The program is also characterized by doing you a list of where you can put a group of hackers so that it prevents them from contacting you; it is a really fantastic thing!

3- You may access a lot of information and data on a specific phone number through the provision of Truecaller program for a large base of the massive data about the phone numbers, as the program searches for information about phone number in the major websites, even that it might show you the image of the owner of a specific phone number through his page on Facebook or Twitter or other social network sites.

4- It is also characterized by a very easy-to-use interface, as it is an easy and wonderful program.

5- It is worth mentioning that Truecaller program now contains almost one billion phone number in addition to the information available about each number, and that is around the world.

Truecaller See Who Is Calling

And the conclusion about Truecaller:

Truecaller is to replace the phone book to make it more intelligent and useful, it lets you search beyond your current contact list, and identify anonymous incoming calls, it also helps you in your choice if you do not wish to receive and provide the personal contact suggestions based on the time and place – so you never have to leave the service to find the right contact.

And now with the program information:

Program name: Truecaller

Program version: 5.1

Program License: Free

Software company: Truecaller

Program Compatibility with operating systems: Compatible with Android phones, iPhone as well as BlackBerry and Windows Phone

Program size: 6 MB for Android, and almost 20 MB for iPhone

Truecaller Download

And now | with download Truecaller 2018 program for Android and iPhone

 Truecaller Download for Android

Download Truecaller page on Google Play Store

Click here

to Truecaller Download for iPhone

Click here 

You can also Truecaller Download for BlackBerry phones and Windows Phone from the official website from here :

Click here 

The topic of: Truecaller Download – to see the caller’s name, ended


Truecaller See Who Is Calling

Truecaller App Download

Truecaller App free Download

Download Truecaller App 

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