Android Device Manager App Download

android device manager app
android device manager app
Android Device Manager App

Android Device Manager App Download – Protect Your Android Device!

Android device manager App download is available on Google Play Store as Google company is the developer of this application.

Where you live? Actually, it does not matter.

You can be a victim of a robbery (especially pickpocketing) wherever you are, but the problem here isn’t losing your phone because you also lose the whole data saved on it.

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Sometimes it is very hard or even impossible to get your phone back because thieves get smarter too.

They can change the specific ID of your phone and make it usable.

Android Device Manager App
Android Device Manager App

Even if the thieves are intelligent, users can take a chance to protect their devices, Android device manager will help you to lock your phone remotely, locate it, send a warning, or wipe your whole data and more trying to get your phone back or useless if it was stolen.

This Application has a very security as it requires entering your password every time you start the application or tried to switch accounts.

Android Device Manager App Android Device Manager App Android Device Manager App

What Are The Features Of Android Device Manager App ?

Android Device Manager Appwill have all you need if your phone was stolen.

  • Locate Your Phone:
    Using Android Device Manager App gives you the ability to locate all your Android devices.
    Just use the same Google account that was linked to the stolen one and it will remotely turn your GPS on to locate your phone using Google Maps on both phones.
  • Ringing:
    Make your phone ring with its highest volume level, this can annoy the person who has it, or it can help you find your phone in case it was just lost near you.
  • Control The Screen Lock:
    Android Device Manager App 
    controls your screen lock PIN, you can change it remotely to prevent the carrier from using it.
  • Send A Message:
    It may help you to contact anyone who finds your phone.
  • Wipe Your Data:
    If you couldn’t find your phone using other features, then there is no way other than wiping your whole data.

To use one of these features you may need some luck because these features require the phone to be switched on and online.

What Are The Required Permissions To Use Android Device Manager App ?

  • Access to location:
    This allows the application to find your device’s location now.
  • Contacts:
    This allows the application to access your Google Email and Account.

My Device Was Stolen But I Don’t Have Another One To Find It, What Can I Do?

Don’t worry, Android Device Manager allows guests sign-in, this feature will make you able to find your stolen phone through your friend’s phone.

Android Device Manager App Download & Install:

This Application was developed by Google itself and it can be found on Google Play Store for free, Just Click Here.

Google improved Android Device Manager App and called it Find My Device to meet its main function.

If your Phone was stolen don’t worry, you still have a chance to get it back all you have to do is just start Android Device Manager App Download.

From 1 to 10, as 10 is more likely, to what extent do you think Android Device Manager will be useful in finding stolen devices?

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