Rremote Control Software Download :Ammyy Admin

Rremote Control Software Download Ammyy Admin

Rremote Control Software Download :Ammyy Admin 

Download Ammyy Admin program to remote control in your computer

Rremote Control Software Download Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin to Remote Control software  is one of the applications that can enable you to do a full control on your computer or server via the internet, it allows you to control the movement of the mouse and input ordersfrom the keyboard, and runs the desktop,it also can transfer programs and files, and create a connection with your friends via chat.

Rremote Control Software Download Ammyy Admin

Remote control Sofrware of your computer

Ammyy Admin program is a strong program that allows you to safely manage your companies’ networks and your computers or your friends computers or your colleagues’computers at work through doing a special encryption for your device, managing and supervising it remotely, and the program also allows you to configure the data transfer to achieve maximum working speed and performance of the best quality.

 One of the main advantages of Ammyy Admin that you can share your desktop in the company with you while you are at home, and the full management of the house remotely via that wonderful program that can be used to manage your business and also to arrange it if the company’s office was far from you,it also can be used in remote support to some companies or for some other noble work, such as the purposes of distance education as it is a free program that is used for all your purposes.

Rremote Control Software Download Ammyy Admin
Rremote Control Software Download Ammyy Admin

Remote control  Software  of computer in the easiest ways between your hands

Ammyy Admin program has an easy and simple interface, it also can reach your device easily without protection programs or firewalls, all you need is to get a strong internet and it will act upon anything as if you were sitting in front of the other controlled computer, as disconnecting the internet is the only reason which prevents enable you or your access to the other device, and it is lose or disconnectthe connection also in order to maintain the confidentiality of your information, through your connection of Ammyy Admin program,it is using the Cryptographic for your information and your datato prevent hackers from seeing it where he uses one of its technical characteristics which named (Ammyy Admin AES) developed to protect the confidentiality of your information and data, the overall evaluation of the program and its extravaganza and very distinctive capabilities,it must bein each device therefore download it now…

Rremote Control Software features:

The most important features and possibilities of Ammyy Admin program:

1- Ammyy Admin program is a portable copy, its size is small and it does not take a spaceon your device, just unzip it and start using it.

2- Available inside Ammyy Admin program, conversations and voice chats where you can talk with your friends and your colleagues at work and speak fluently, easily and clarity about anything you like, whether about work or about anything you want.

3- Ammyy Admin program can be controlled remotely in your computer or your server simply by running it and giving it the order to execute that.

4- It is easy to use and easy to work on it because it is a simple program where its interface is simple and very easy, just enter your IP device to be controlled and it will do its work on immediately and this is one of the wonderful features of whichit is unique.

5- Ammyy Admin program is on a high level of protection and security level,no one else but you can control it by adjusting some settings and it will do what you want immediately.

6- Ammyy Admin program is characterized by putting rights to access the other device to be connected to, or control it for you.

Explain the installation method: As the picture…

Rremote Control Software Download Ammyy Admin
Rremote Control Software Download Ammyy Admin

Download Ammyy Admin program for Rremote Control Software of your computer

 More about Ammyy Admin program

Program name: Ammyy Admin

Program size: 784 KB

Producing company: Admin

License: Free

Program Compatibility with all systems: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7,8,10

Version: v3.5 Portable

 Download Ammyy Admin program for remote control of your computer

Download from the program site through a direct link

Download Remote Control Software 

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