Norton 360 Antivirus Free Download

Norton 360 Antivirus Free Download

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Norton 360 Antivirus Free Download

Norton 360 Antivirus Free Download

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Some of you who already familiar with computer and gadget should have understood the use of antivirus. It is very important to install an antivirus software to protect the computer from virus attack. There are various antivirus options on the Internet where you can online download for free or paid version. One from many choices of antivirus options is Norton 360 antivirus. Many of you leave your computer protection to this antivirus. It is indeed, Norton 360 is considered as the top rank of antivirus software.

Norton 360 antivirus Performance

The Norton 360 antivirus has many features to offer for maximal computer protection. As most of similar antivirus software, Norton 360 will automatically active on the notification areas as well as run in the background to protect the computer once the installation is done. The real-time feature in this antivirus is supported with SONAR or Symantec Online Network for Advance Purpose which is actually a heuristic engine to identification threads based on application behavior. The suspicious application will be detected to prevent zero-day thread, so the antivirus software does not depend on malware signature. The main duty of antivirus software is its ability to fights malware. For example if a virus infected flash disk is connected to a computer; the Norton 360 able to delete the infected file as well as the virus itself and prevent the computer from infection.

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Norton 360 Antivirus Free Download
Norton 360 Antivirus Free Download

A computer which mostly connected to LAN or Internet is also prone to get infected from an online virus. The Norton 360 has the Smart Firewall feature to protect the computer from virus infection through the downloading process as well as a hacking thread. If you have some files which you want to keep and protect it from automatic deletion, the Norton 360 has the feature called Norton Insight. This feature is such kind of exception list or whitelist; different from the conventional whitelist, the Norton Insight will sort the files automatically according to the files’ reputation. Using this antivirus, you will no longer worry about your identity; Norton 360 has the feature to prevent the possibility of data stealing. This feature has three main menus which are Norton Safe Web, Antiphishing, and Identity Safe. Therefore, you do not need to worry when you auto login in a certain website as well as keep the private information.

Norton 360 Antivirus Free Download

More about Norton 360, this antivirus also has the backup feature to prevent data loss. in this feature, you can choose what kind of folder to backup as well as the backup schedule. You can choose to store the backup file, online or hard disk storage.

To install the antivirus, you need to find online Norton 360 antivirus free download. After successfully download the software, you just need to install it. Before that, make sure that your computer has at least processor with minimal 300 MHz or more, Ram 256 MB (recommended 512 MB), and hard disk capacity at least 300 MB.

For a safe download, you can get the software through the affiliate links or official Symantec website. The Norton 360 also available for iPhone and Android devices.

Norton 360 Antivirus Free Download

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Norton 360 free download for PC

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