Zac Browser Download for Autistic Children
Zac Browser Download  for Autistic Children
ZAC Browser Download For PC

ZAC Browser Download For PC Free

ZAC Browser Download : For the regular user, surfing the internet is something needs no preparations or tough choices, but it becomes a much more difficult experience with children or teenagers which have autism and autism spectrum disorders such as, Asperger syndrome.

Autistic children are known to have impairments in interaction with people, impaired verbal and nonverbal communications, repetitive behavior and restricted interests.

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The standard browsers could be annoying to autistic children with so many options and toolbars.

ZAC Browser is specifically programmed to fit with the autistic children requirements, not too many user interface controls, preventing the access to certain websites to enhance the children experience.

Features of ZAC Browser :
• Graphical Interface:
It comes with various tools, abilities, and options to keep the children attracted to it with a very interactive graphical interface.
• Simple to Use:
ZAC Browser is so simple to install and use, that comes with a nice interactive user interface included with various little tools and features that you could use.

ZAC Browser Download

Zac Browser Download  for Autistic Children  Zac Browser Download  for Autistic Children
Zac Browser Download for Autistic Children

• Protective :
the browser layout takes over the whole screen with the taskbar and all controls of the windows, it could only be closed by pressing Ctrl + L.
So you can rest assured that your kid wouldn’t close the app and mess around unwanted websites.
• Animated Visual Effects:
ZAC Browser has its icons of controls and options at a dock on the bottom, decorated with fancy animation that would keep your kid attracted.
• Touchable:
ZAC Browser can easily run on Windows-based tablets which gives your child more interaction, it’s all about cause and effect, your kid touches it and something happens, and that’s how you make the most out of touch technology to maintain connection and interactions.
The application depends on visual controls, which make it easy for your kid to interact with it, and get the psychological and educational benefits from it.

Zac Browser Download
Zac Browser Download

• Great Collection of Activities:
With ZAC Browser your child can access all kinds of spectrum friendly online websites in a visual and easy way, it provides a great collection of activities that can be navigated using an animated pointer.
• Fun to Learn:
ZAC Browser is perfectly programmed to focus a child help him or her sit for a little longer than usual while still practicing in a two-way visual and tactile activity.
• Interactive:
ZAC Browser reacts to the action it receives from the child providing an immediate reward for their physical input.
• Amusing:
There are other games that require a little more engagement, and ZAC Browser gives your kid some verbal encouragements as he or she plays.
Not only are there loads of games, but also there are music, shows, stories, and a whiteboard for drawing.

Cons of ZAC Browser :
No configuration options:
As it was programmed for children, ZAC Browser has no configuration options and the kids have to use it as it is.
It’s not possible to check the source of the displayed content.

ZAC Browser is a totally free software with 8/10 which is compatible with Window 98/ Windows ME/ Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 10.
And there is now an iPad app for it.
ZAC Browser needs no special hardware requirements as a machine with 256 RAM can run it.
All of these features can be used for the educational purpose or just for fun.

Did you know that ZAC Browser was developed by grandparents of a child with autism?

Now, with download link :  click here

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