WiFi Security Anti-theft WiFi Guard Software Download 

WiFi Security Anti-theft WiFi Guard Software Download

WiFi Security Anti-theft WiFi Guard Software Download

WiFi Security Anti-theft WiFi Guard Software Download
 WiFi Guard Software Download

Wifi Guard is a basic tool for everyone. This program enables you to make a small wireless network and to make sure that it is safe and very secure. In general, all modern Wi-Fi networks are protected and well secured, but not in a sufficient manner, since nothing is complete. Weaknesses and, therefore, modern Wi-Fi networks, although they are well-secured but have weaknesses that can damage and break your password. These include (weak encryption and hacker attacks) and as a result anyone can get unauthorized access To connect your internet and login to your network Your Wi-Fi is so unnoticed.

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There are some cases where there is no problem in penetrating one of his own Wi-Fi network since he has unlimited Internet traffic but the question is here:

WiFi Security Anti-theft

What about someone reading your personal emails? What about your business messages and your business and harm them? Steal information that has a strong impact on the success of your business? And also what if a hacker uses bad use like breaking a code over the Internet while connected to your Internet?

WiFi Security Anti-theft WiFi Guard Software Download
WiFi Security Anti-theft WiFi Guard Software Download

Here we are aware of the importance of having a wifi guard program where we can find out how many people are connected to your Wi-Fi network and also identify them and alert you if the network is used without your knowledge. Wifi guard is professionally specialized in the work of a scanner through which Know any intruder on your Wi-Fi network and give an alarm immediately and give alerts if unknown or unknown devices are connected or there may be interference or intrusion by other unknown and unknown devices.

WiFi Security Anti-theft

You can get a wifi guard, protect your Wi-Fi network, protect your private information and your business secrets, and avoid any attempts to break a code through your Wi-Fi network using this valuable application.

If you have a Wi-Fi network and you do not have a normal connection or are not going well, it is likely that one of your neighbors will borrow it. This mode allows you to quickly watch and see who is connected to your network.

You will already be able to see the computers name, MAC addresses and the IP address to which they are associated. By just one click you will be able to add the name of the person and configure your trusted devices.

Once Wifi Guard is activated on your computer and your Wi-Fi connection is connected, you can create your own list of callers and identify devices that can connect to the network and reject any other device that you can not connect to. Wifi Guard provides you with the ability to work This list and save it as a file in the program and deal with the program either by allowing the connection or rejection of the devices without having to resort to you in a sequentially, but can deal automatically by simply adjusting the characteristics that fit you and you can also refer to this settings and modify at any time you want to either add a device and allow to connect to the network Wai Special Or a wipe from the special menu that Wifi Guard handles and does not allow you to connect to your Wi-Fi network at any time you wish.

Wifi Guard is the perfect choice for making a secure, clean Wi-Fi network protected from hackers.

For a Wifi Guard application click on the link below

Download free trial

Windows installer

Size: 4.2M

Windows portable

Size: 5.6M

macOS disk image

Size: 2.8M

Linux 64-bit DEB

Size: 1.3M

Linux 64-bit TAR

Size: 1.6M

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WiFi Security Anti-theft WiFi Guard Software Download
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