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Telegram 2016  Download

Telegram Download

Telegram download
Telegram download

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As we used you to put all that is new and useful, whether of computer programs, or from Android programs, or from the iPhone programs, or others, we give you today a program that is not new, but its spread is new, and it is a program of classification of social network programs for the computer and Android both.

Telegram program: is a social network program, like many other programs, and that shows even on the translation of the program name, which means in English the word “telegram”, but it also is appeared on the program logo, which is a paper form as it suggests sending speech between two persons, and it is characterized from others by many features that make it more private than others.

Although Telegram is a new origination program, as it is issued by a private company in Berlin, led by VK company owners, it is issued in 2013, despite its novelty than its competitors, but it accounted for many users, as it has exceeded 100 million users around the world until now..

By reference to the program page on Google Play Store, you find that the program has explained its features, including the following:

Telegram is the application, especially for correspondence with it is being distinct from its competitors in terms of speed and security. It is a high-speed, simple, secure and for free.

Telegram download
Telegram download

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Telegram Download

Telegram is associated seamlessly across all your devices, and it can be used on desktop computers, tablets and phones alike. You can send an unlimited amount of messages, photos, videos and files of any type (.doc, .zip, .pdf, and .etc.), etc.

You can also create a private and personal group and closed to its members, it may reach to 200 persons of your friends or relatives or co-workers

And you can send your files or photos or e-books through Telegram program to a group of people at once, it numbered up to 100 at once.

Be sure to check out our website to get a list of compatible versions of Telegram for all platforms.

 Telegram 2016 Download

Telegram program is lifting the files and talks on its cloud servers, from now your data will not be lost if you restart the factory settings for your phone, or even you changed your mobile phone to another phone of the same type or another type of, as if you change your Android phone to an iPhone or running on Windows Phone, reassure as Telegram program maintains your files.

The program also provides you with the full protection of data and files, as its servers are secured against intruders, unlike many other programs that are easy for hackers to steal its users’ data.

But the program has provided you a system of security and privacy by which it is characterized from the rest of programs, as you can set the program settings that the confidential or private conversations automatically delete itself without reference to you as soon as the end of its time limit which you specify.

It is a great thing!

Telegram program is also characterized by providing versions that work on all platforms, you can now get Telegram to the computer, whether the operating system is Microsoft Windows or even Linux, but there is a copy of the Mac devices issued by Apple company, as you can get another copy of it that works on the iPhone, and a version that runs on Android, and a version of the BlackBerry, as well as a version for Nokia phones or Windows Phone.

And we will give you the download links for each platform separately, so you can fast and secure download easily.

The Telegram is characterized that it is for free and it aims to provide a free service 100%.

 Telegram program:

What do I do in order to enjoy the services of Telegram program?

At the beginning, you must have an account on the Telegram website; all you need now is to click on this link:,as shown in the picture below:

Explaining signing up the membership in Telegram website to install programs

Then the account register with your mobile phone number, just pick the country where you live, then type your phone number, then press “continue” from the above of the page

And now: Wait until you receive a message with your phone code

After typing the code number which you will receive, press “continue” and now you have an account of the Telegram,which allows you to use the program on all platforms

A message at the top of the browser may show for you to install the Telegram application from the Google Chrome Play Store 


Telegram program is extremely easy to use and you can try it across all your devices, and it can be used on the desktop computers, tablets and phones alike. You can send an unlimited amount of messages, photos, videos and files of any type (.doc, .ppt, .zip, .etc.).A Telegram group may up to 200 people, and you can send broadcasts for up to 100 names in your list of contacts at one time.

A brief about the program:

Program name: Telegram

The programmer company: Telegram Messenger LLP

Program License: Free

Program size: it varies depending on the platform on which it runs

Size for Android: 12 MB

Size for iPhone: 35 MB

Size for computer: almost 14 MB

Compatibility: As we explained, it works on all platforms and systems for the computer and mobile.

And now with

Download Telegram 2016 program

Telegram Download for the computer

Click here

Telegram Download for Android

Click here

Telegram Download for the iPhone

Click here

Telegram Download for Nokia phones and Windows Phone

Click here


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Telegram Download


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