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 Giant Skype program download, may be the first in the world among social networking software, audio and video conversations on the computer, and mobile Android, and IPhone, and Nokia phones and Windows Phone so that it has aversion compatible with TVs, so you find it the most widespread in the world, it is a more than wonderful program that one can not abandon it


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Skype program features dozens of features that make it higher and stronger social networking programs, either through a computer or even through mobile phones.

From these features:

Through Skype program download you get a wonderful program that is characterized by the quality and purity of voice conversations,

Skype program of exemplary in purity and accuracy of the calls and the speed of its servers leading in the end to the user’s convenience.

Also Skype program not only features the possibility to communicate through video calls but also leads you to the highest potential of the purity of the picture and sound clarity of communication service and connection speed, which makes it a unique program which is used by news agencies and satellite channels.

skype program download

It also allows you to watch your video picture watched by who you are talking with him,

so you see your friend who communicates with you via video calls and see yourself to know how you appear to him .

All thanks to the approval of the program system to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

All that you find within the Skype wonderful interface, which is characterized by the ease with being huge something ,and the user may feel a lot of tools in it, but it is at the same time easy to use.

As for the video calls interface in what has been renewed and updated in the latest versions of Skype, has been to focus on so it is the most commonly program windows used .

Skype program download  and get the best program in the sound talks and make voice calls by communication with phones at the lowest cost.

You can also make video calls to communicate with computers and mobile phones alike.

This is what distinguishes Skype program from the rest of the social networking programs and Messenger, because it provides its users with making international and local calls property through recharge your account on the Internet,

So it provides you with calling at the lowest cost at all, especially for international calls,

load Skype and connect with your friends in international calls through the Internet.

It is worth mentioning that the newest and the latest Skype versions contained within facebook options within the social networking options existing inside,

and this is notonly toknowwhat is goingon your facebookonly, but alsoyou can communicate withyour friendswho areonFacebookthrough Skypeprogramandthat there aretools toappealthem in Skypeprogram,

skype program download for android & iphone


also you can writeshort messagesthat willreach themautomaticallyonSkype without the needto the addition of each through Skype only becausethey arefriends toyouonfacebook,

and you canalsomake callswithyour friendswho are found on Facebookall throughSkype.

Skype program download also ensures you that easy to communicate through voice and video calls, so if your Internet connection is interrupted and lost the call, the program will automatically suspend the call and put it on a waiting list.

Everything over and over and all you hear about the program find it exists in a file no larger than 35 MB at most, it is really the best program to make calls over the Internet, and the best program to make voice calls, and the best software to make video calls, it is really a giant and a gorgeous program.

  Not only that, but you can take advantage of the Skype program on your computer, you can also use it via your Android phone, also you can use it on Windows Phone (Nokia) phones and it can also be used on the iPhone and other mobile phones.

Program information:


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Program Name: Skype

Program License: Free
Producing company name: Skype

It is worth mentioning that Skype company now is a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation

Program Size: 33.47 MB

The program is compatible with operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

  You can also Skype Program download for Android, and Skype Program download for iPhone phones, and a copy of Skype Program for Windows Phone.

Now, with a direct link to download Skype software for PC

Click here to download

Link to download Skype program for Android

Click here to download

Link to download Skype software for Nokia phones (Windows Phone)

Click here to download

Link to download Skype program for the iPhone

Click here to download

Ended topic: Download Skype software for PC and Android full Arabic with direct link .

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