Internet Download Manager free download

Internet Download Manager

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Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager IDM program

The program is indispensable for all Internet users, because it is the best way to download files from the Internet

About IDM program form wikipedia


Software name: internet download manager

Program size: 6 MB almost

Language of software: works in Arabic and more than 40 other languages.

Software License: Free for 30 days

The official website of the program: IDM Web Site

The company programmed site: Tonec Inc

Compatibility: Works on all windows systems


Features and some clarifications about

Internet download manager free download

IDM program  is very small in size and you can download it on your computer even if you have very slow Internet speed

Internet Download Manager program is the most acceleration to download files in the sense that the program loads the files based on different way for the rest of the programs – will be explained later in the same subject – which makes it is the best


Internet Download Manager program is very organized, then you can get through more than one option in the case of one or several files download, and these systems include

You may reduce the speed of downloading the file until the program does not use the full speed of the Internet if you are browsing the Internet, then you can link the program to download the file at 10 kbps or 20 kbps, or more or less as you want all of these from the speed control tool in the file download window  

 Here’s a picture describes how to use.


Internet software Internet Download Manager – How to determine the speed

  1. B) You may download more than one file at a time, and this property is automatically organized by the program, the program will divide the speed of your Internet load on the number of files that you download at one time.
  1. C) You may do download scheduling sense: if you are loading more than one file with large sizes and want to be downloaded a file-by-file not be downloaded together, you can do

a table  for download that shall make the program download files respectively, all from the program’s interface

  1. D) You can download an entire site from the Internet to your computer, through sites constipation tool, which will be explained its usage in the following picture

Load-program-Internet Download-Manager-tool-constipation-sites

Download Internet Download Manager program – demonstrate the use of constipation Placement Tool

You can download the entire site in one file (Folder)

You can also download only the pictures or Internet pages without pictures or download the entire site, or you can download the home page of the site only complete, all these options exist in the following window:

Internet-Download-ManagerDownload Internet Download Manager program – Explain download full site on your cuteompr


  1. The software will shut down your computer after the download is completed, or you can set it on an audio alert or you can set it on nothing.


As for the way that makes the Internet download Manager program the fastest program in terms of loading is that it sends several download requests to the site that the file resides, and does not loads the whole file, but splits it into sections and loads the files together at one time, the number of files sometimes reach to 8 files, and sometimes 16 files and sometimes 32 files all of that according to the software version

Here the software download

Internet Download Manager program download

Direct Link: Click here

It is worth mentioning that the Internet Download Manager program has many competitors like Internet Accelerator program and such free software for Internet Download Manager  , Internet Download Eagle software,

 such as Internet Download Ninja..

However that the program is the most widely used around the world and in the broadest scope, but that a large number of Internet users that about more than five million of them per month download internet download manager program, as technical statistics sites explained



 Internet Download Manager free download

Internet Download Manager software

 internet download manager download

download manager full

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