Imo Software for the computer  Download

 Imo Download PC  is a Software for free voice and video calls, as it is considered one of the most famous and most wonderful Softwares for calls and chatting for phones, modern devices and computers. The Software has downloaded nearly 100 million people from different places in the world and it is constantly increasing, where you can Software from making free calls and sending Many messages to all of your friends and relatives.

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Imo helped solve many problems, especially with the Viber Software, as it was able to overcome the problems and the most important problems in audio and video communication are very slow, so it is considered an important application for every person who wants to communicate with his friends and family for free with audio or video, and the type of device is not considered an obstacle in that. Imo can be used on various devices.

Imo download PC

Information on downloading the Imo Software for the computer Imo:
The audio and video calls on the IMO Software are completely safe, and no one can access or spy on them.
There are active communication groups, chats, and videos.
There are thousands of expressive images that aid in expression and creativity in the Software.
The IMO Software is applied to all devices of all kinds.
Chat options are many, the most important of which are: Fast chatting by writing, and there is chatting by voice or voice and video together for free.
This Software can make your computer use easier.
Helps you browse many wonderful image libraries if you want from within the Software, with high quality and appropriate sizes.

Download Imo for the computer

Imo Software features for PC

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Very high-quality audio and video calls.
Great expressive stickers in the emo Software:
Avoid charges for messages and calls: where you can send many messages and make voice and video calls daily with no costs only for free.
Share photos and videos with your friends on the IMO Software.
Express your personality by using the amazing free stickers.
Easily share and explore photos in your collections.
It is an optimizer for Android tablets.
Enables you to create groups with friends, family, and more.
Send unlimited emo messages to many people over the G4 network or Wi-Fi for free
It is optimized for the optimization of the Android Tablet.
The network is supported in the Software.
Encrypted calls.
The quality of video and audio communication was supported in the IMO Software.
Disadvantages of downloading Imo for computer:
It’s a basic app: meaning it only performs basic functions and features, as it gives you no opportunity to customize the different aspects of your conversations.
You will not be able to place icons in all your conversations like funny smiles.
The Imo Software is a civilian interface, and the features are clear.

Download  Imo Software

Imo download PC

Software size: 963 KB

License: Free

Operating System: Compatible with Windows 10

Now with Imo software download

Download Links

imo for Android


imo for Windows


imo for iOS


imo for Mac



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