Download QuickTime Player For Windows Full And For Free

Download QuickTime Player
Download QuickTime Player
Download QuickTime Player

Download QuickTime Player For Windows Full

Download QuickTime Player : There are a lot of media players and it can be very hard to choose one of them for your computer, some people choose their player by sticking to the one created by the developer of their Operating System or the manufacturer of their hardware device.
If you use an Apple product, QuickTime Player will be a good choice for your basic media player.

This software is an Apple product, that’s why you can be so sure of its flexibility, quality, and modernity.

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Pros and Advantages:

  • Works perfectly with all formats:
    QuickTime Player covers all media file formats such as QuickTime movie formats MOV, AVI, MPEG, MP4, and other media formats.
    It can be also used to play audio, images, and virtual reality movies.
  • Realy Quick:
    QuickTime Player is as fast as any other Apple product, it plays the video as soon as you click on it with no delay.
  • Innovative Design:
    QuickTime Player has inherited the fancy, neat, and simple design from Apple, with this nice user interface you can access all of the options and tools with few clicks and little shortcuts.
  • Enhanced Audio Options:
    With Bass and Treble controls, QuickTime Player allows you to modify the low-frequency and high-frequency sounds to perfectly fit your sound system.
  • Online Media Streaming:
    There are many of media players out there, but only few that can stream media online, QuickTime Player is one of them which automatically determine the internet connection speed of your PC and then sets the most suitable quality for your connection.
    It also automatically resumes if the connection is interrupted.
  • Multi-Channel Audio Support:
    QuickTime Player supports stereophonic sounds which use two channels, surround sound with more than two channels, and ambisonics.
  • Plug-in Support:
    There a decent number of plug-ins available for QuickTime Player which can extend its capabilities, they include codec packs, audio visualizers, and apps with different features.
  • Adjustable User Interface:
    The UI is the most adjustable feature of the program because you can set the program to run in half, normal, and double size, or you can play it in fullscreen mode.
Download QuickTime Player
Download QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player For Windows


  • A lot of Limitations:
    QuickTime Player has a lot of tools and options, but once you start a video you will see that most of them are limited to the pro version only, the ones are available to the free version are the options to play a video, choose its size, and keep a list of your favorite videos.This leaves very few options, but still, you can play and go through a lot of videos after you install the appropriate codecs.
    This may be a huge disadvantage for QuickTime Player as all other media players are free even the ones developed by rival Microsoft.
  • Resource-Consumer:
    QuickTime Player consumes more resources than many other media players, which make it not the perfect solution for the old standard machines.
Download QuickTime Player
QuickTime Player Download

Download QuickTime Player comes with great updates and enhancements, as improved security for Windows users.

It is settled that if you want to get the most of the app, you need to buy the Pro version which opens all of the features and abilities such as :

  • Creating and Editing Videos with applying special FXs.
  • Compress video files with new codecs and properties.
  • Transform your photos into a slideshow with audio.
  • Save videos from the internet and way more abilities.

QuickTime Player is compatible with Window 98/ Windows ME/ Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 10.

And of course Apple Operating systems.

Still many people swear by this and other Apple software products, so take a look and decide for yourself whether it’s what you need.

Download QuickTime Player 

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