Download Microsoft Office 2013 Full

Download microsoft office 2013
Download microsoft office 2013
Download Microsoft office 2013

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Full

Download Microsoft office 2013 : Speaks for itself, Microsoft Office has been always a must-have software package, as many people consider it an irreplaceable piece of their machines and devices.
We will focus here on Microsoft Office 2013 as it was dramatically changed and is a completely new version of the core product, not just an update.

This office suite of applications and tools was developed by Microsoft and was first announced on 1st August 1988, and since then people are buying and using it in spite of the presence of so many free alternatives and web-based office applications.

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Download Microsoft Office 2013: What makes you buy Microsoft Office 2013, ignoring all the free alternatives out there?

This world-class office suite works perfectly with touch devices, cloud, and collaboration and it will surprise you with the amazing new abilities and options such as:


  • Customizable Interface:
    The interface of the whole set of the included applications in this suite was perfectly redesigned, with the ability to hide the Ribbon to fit with the old-school users.
  • Microsoft Office 2013 understands you:
    Integrated with the ability to recognize your pattern, Microsoft Office 2013 can auto-complete your data which is extremely useful in Excel.
  • High Connectivity:
    Connection to the cloud is one of Microsoft Office 2013 greatest features, it’s mainly via Microsoft SkyDrive service.
    Once you connected, you will find that SkyDrive is the default saving location which enables sharing your documents and collaboration with other people from your selection.
  • Real-time Editing:
    The cloud service was already integrated into office 365, but in Microsoft Office 2013, the integration goes deeper. For example, you can work on a SkyDrive document using the installed word app, it enables you to know if anyone from the collaboration group you set is editing the document at that moment.
  • Send messages instantly:
    You can even use it to send instant messages or skype persons from the collaboration group without leaving the app.
  • New Options and Updates:
    The further connectivity in Microsoft Office 2013 enables you to insert a Youtube video into a Word document, Powerpoint comes with slide templates that are continually updated through the internet, and many more new feature in Excel and Access.
  • Edit/ Create PDFs:
    Now, you can use MS Word to edit PDF documents, just the same way you deal with any Word document.

Download microsoft office 2013

Defects and Cons:

  • SkyDrive needs more improvement:
    Many users have found editing using word noticeably slows down while working on SkyDrive, that is not a big deal, but it’s enough to make you decide to save the document locally and lose the SkyDrive features.
Download microsoft office 2013
Download microsoft office 2013
  • Real-time collaboration needs more development:
    In Microsoft Office 2013 you need to manually save your editings to appear on the screens of other collaboration group members, unlike google drive as an example where the edits appear immediately to others.

Download microsoft office 2013

Prices and Packages

This powerful office suite is available for consumers in more than 160 markets, in 21 languages, for 69.99 $ per year for the Office 2013 personal bundle, or you can subscribe for the home package which allows you to use the suite on 5 different computers for 99.99 $/ year.
Or subscribe once and for all for 149.99 $, but for one computer and without skype or SkyDrive options.

The reason you should upgrade to Microsoft Office 2013 is not the cloud integration or the amazing new features, it’s the subscription plan, as spending 99.99 $ a year on a World-class office suite that you can install on 5 different computers, completely integrated with cloud and regular updates is actually a good deal.

Work faster and easier, Download Microsoft Office 2013 now and do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Download Microsoft Office 2013

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