Ask Fm And Answer App Download For Android

Ask Fm And Answer App Download

( Ask.Fm )

Ask fm App Download
Ask fm App Download

As a result of the spread of technology in society and a large percentage dealt with technology and their response to its use, as well as the emergence of the Internet and its spread in every home as it has become an essential part of the daily habits of the individual is to continuously surf the Internet to follow the news or search for information, and as a result, social networking sites in which individuals communicate With some of them, including the most important (Facebook / Twitter/skype) and many other programs, and today a new communication program has emerged between individuals, where it has spread rapidly and has established itself among social networking sites and this program is a program for the Ask FM website.  App

Where (Ask FM) is considered one of the most important social networking sites at the present time, as this site was established in the year (2010) and its popularity continued until it proved its worth and became one of the most important social networking sites and from it the company producing it made an application that works on the mobile phone where The application works on all types of mobile phones and also with all systems that use them such as Android and iPhone systems (IOS).

Ask fm App Download
Ask fm App Download

The site became famous quickly as a result of its simplicity and ease of dealing with it where all individuals can use it easily and conveniently so all you have to do to use the program is to create an account on it by clicking on the registration button where it will open for you a window with a set of data that you will fill by setting an email and password and writing the name and then it becomes The account is ready to use and activated for social communication.

The idea of ​​a site is based on creating an account where the user is allowed to receive questions from his followers or from the administration of the program itself, where he receives a daily question from the program manager and he can answer it within 24 hours. He can also receive questions from any other people and he can answer them, and the character of who asks if He wanted to click on the button to hide the sender’s identity before sending the question. Features 

One of the most important features of the Ask FM website application is that you can link your account on the site to the rest of the social networking sites. Among the most important of these sites (Facebook, twitter, google plus, Tumblr, Goodreads where your followers on the rest of the sites can send questions on the site as the site is available For the general, this program is very good for celebrities where they can communicate with their fans and strengthen their relationship with them by answering the questions that fans send on the Ask FM site. One of the advantages of the application is that you can receive questions from anonymous people where you will know how other people think of you.

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In recent days, the number of subscribers to the site has reached (22 million) subscribers, and thus it competes with and even outperformed the famous website (Formspring), and you can also send gifts to friends with a minimum of two Jordanian dinars for the gift.

We also said that one of the advantages of the site is that the user can receive questions from anonymous people, as it is considered a defect of the site’s defect as well, where bad people can take advantage of this feature (anonymity feature) and send private or abusive questions to modesty, but as a social networking site like the rest of the sites it has a caution property (Block) where you can be warned whoever you want and therefore will not be able to send any questions to you again, and in this way, the site has guaranteed you protection from embarrassing or frivolous questions of modesty.

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Application (Ask FM) is complete and free of charge. To download click on the link below

Ask Fm Download For Android

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